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Runner Rug: 8ft. 9in. long, 30in. wide, ends bound,
Natural Colors: Multi Mahogany,Fawn,Grey,White, Black Stripes

8ft.9in.long and 30in.wide, AlpacaColors

Ingrid'sRunnerRug Stripes Multi-natural

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Runner Rug:
Natural Colors:
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Product Specs

  • Natural color fiber spun over a core of jute.
  • Handwoven on looms by Ingrid's from Paint Rock, Texas (fiber weft nylon warp).
  • Design by Reinhard Schoffthaler and his crew of experienced weavers.
  • Rug is reversible and since the fiber has its natural color, resists fading and wear.
  • Clean by suction vacuum and spot remove with warm water and mild soap.
  • Entire surface may be shampooed with Dawn and hosed off with clean water.

Product Description

Custom Alpaca Runner Rugs.
Natural Alpaca Colors
Hand woven Alpaca Rug sizes from approximately 5ft. to 12ft. long and 2 1/2 ft. wide.
Cost is calculated at $14.00 per square ft.
Striped rug 12ft. 6in. ends bound SOLD
Striped rug 8ft. 6in. ends bound available